What Is a Pellet Grill?
By Zirkon Kalti

A pellet grill is a type of grill that relies on cylindrical hardwood sawdust pellets as fuel for the grilling. The sawdust is sourced from places such as saw mills and lumber yard. The wood pellet looks like a long pill and has a diameter of about � inch. The small size of the pellets enable them to burn cleanly without leaving a lot of ashes. A chemical called lignin will be released into the smoke when the wood pellets are burned and add a wood fired flavor to the meat. Other than that, it does not contain any other additive.

What are the Components of a Pellet Grill?

The induction fan ensures that the smoke from the hardwood pellet is circulated properly in the cook chamber. This ensures that the flavor is distributed evenly on the meat. The auger moves the wood pellets into the fire pot. The auger can move slow for a low temperature cooking or it can move at fast rate for a high temperature cooking.

The heat diffuser radiates and disperses the heat evenly on the cooking surface of the grill to ensure that all areas of the meat is cooked well. The drip pan is located above the heat diffuser and it catches the grease that falls from the grill. The storage hopper is where you store the wood pellet fuels. Filling the storage hopper up to the rim prevents you from having to constantly going back to refill it. The hot rod will glow red and burn up the pellets in smoke while you go to relax and doing other things.


  • You can cook almost any type of meat on the pellet grill.
  • The grill can be preheat within a time frame of 10 – 15 minutes.
  • You can set manually set the temperature on the digital controller anywhere in between 175� F to 500� F. Some pellet grills allows you to adjust the temperature by a 5 � F increment.
  • Many pellet grills offer Bluetooth feature that allows you to use a bluetooth device to monitor the cooking. It also comes with a meat probe for monitoring the cooking time.
  • Various sizes of pellet grills are available from household to commercial size units. The more complicated the functions, the more expensive it is. The commercial size unit offers more spaces to grill meat as large as a whole hog for a crowd of people. Some of the leading brand names are Traeger, Yoder Smokers and Memphis Wood Fire Grills.
  • The wood pellets that fuel the grilling is available in many different types of flavors including cherry, alder, apple, maple, bourbon and hickory. You can mix the pellets add more than one flavors to the meat.
  • A single 20 pound bag of pellets is sufficient for grilling the food several times. On average, the grill will consume about 2 pounds of pellets every hour. However, the actual consumption of the pellets will depend on other factors such as temperature and wind. If you are grilling outdoor and there happens to be a lot of wind, you will need to use more pellets to provide the fuel.


  • It is dependent on electricity so it may be inconvenient for you to grill the meat in a place that does not have any electrical outlet nearby. You need to plug it into a standard 110v electrical outlet in the house.
  • A pellet grill can be expensive and the smallest household unit will cost at least a few hundred dollars.
  • There tend to be lesser smoke when you set a higher temperature. The best temperature to cook at is 250 degrees.

Bonus Tips

It is wise to invest more money upfront to buy a quality pellet grill that will last for many years. Pellet grills made from 304 or 430 grade stainless steel is the best as they are resistant against rust. To find out if a grill is good quality, you can check whether it has a sturdy construction including hardware, joints and grill. Reading reviews and asking questions on forum can help you to make the right decision,


A pellet grill is suitable for people who don’t want to have to stand in front of the grill for hours to maintain it at the perfect temperature. The automated feed feature allows the meat to be grilled for hours while you go away and do your chores.

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